We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. We're an independent, creative company that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying many combined years of experience in web building, retail, wholesale, and real-estate developing. We patiently research your need(s), deeply consider your situation, pursue a creative solution, and expertly make it real.


Every situation is unique. Every  business setting deserves to be considered for its functionality, profitability, and appeal to customers. Web- mobile web- coaching/mentoring- advertising -- We offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider your input, needs, wants and craft an innovative solution that is all you.


w w w. L i z a n d r o P o r t i l l o .c o m 
Web developing, Domain generating & Business coaching

    Ideas are what fuel our economy. Although, a great Idea alone is not enough to bring home the bacon. Implementation, dedication, and flat out hard work, will turn your idea in to a successful business.  "Lizandro Portillo".

Our fees:

Coaching/ mentoring:  $ 65/hr (first 2 hrs free)

Website developing: 5 pages pre cut template, with online easy interface updating. Choose from over 400 professional looking pages. Includes hosting, domain, design, mobile device, online recognition tool, and tech support  $ 1145.00/yr

Web Advertising: (get listed  top 5 in search engines)  starting at $ 625/ month