real estate project 2005
Prepare home for sale
  •  Appraisals at the time came in well below market value. With an almost non existing budget, the home was outdated, but in extremely excellent and clean condition. It was in a upcoming and desirable neighborhood and homes in the area were well over $160k. With a bit of painting, staging, we went from a $42k appraisal price, to a sold price of $105k in less than 60 days. 
​​Real estate project  2006 to 2013
Purchased distressed property to rehab, rent, sell
  • I purchased a 1600sqft 2 bedroom one bath "southwest style" home on a double corner lot. 
  • ​Renovations included, but not limited to: New electrical, new plumbing, new roof,  restoration of hickory hardwood flooring, restoration of knotty pine accents. Added a basement level apartment with full bathroom and kitchenette.  Property was a income producing unit for several years, then sold.

Real estate investments

Hi! My name is

About Me

I'm well-versed in multiple trades, and skills.    Rapport building, home renovations, competitive sales, job site planning, site management, and real estate design are just a few. 

Professional Skills

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 Lizandro Portillo

I believe in the power of communication. I've seen it transform lives first hand.

When I first stepped foot on North Dakota soil back in 2002, it was a foregone conclusion that I would create something, and become someone. My life and self worth begins to grow.

Now I have the daily privilege of using my skills, and ambition to positively change people and their communities.


I excel at buying distressed properties, renovating, and selling as income producing homes. To date,  I have generated over $1.2M  in total gross revenues for myself and others.  

​​and I'm a father, small business owner, entrepreneur, and opportunist, based in Driscoll ND

Professional Experience

Quick Facts

I've created and managed personal and successful business html sites, for myself and others, using online tools, web site and management software.  Adding my own flavor of "Guerrilla marketing" techniques along the way.

Content Creation

7 0 1 h a n d y 2009 to present
real estate development co.
  • Responsible for  the daily operations of a successful home remodeling and repair business, 
  • ​Personally created the brand, and organically maneuvered through social media to be on the first page of most major search engines. 
real estate project 2011 to present
Purchase homes/ commercial property. rehab, rent, transform, and sell
  • Currently in a real estate project that involves 3 residential addresses, and one commercial parcel. Have been acquiring properties on the same block over several years. Converting in to a Air B&B, and selling once it becomes profitable. Units produce a positive rental income. 
  • ​ Projected completion Fall 2019
Age: 41

From: San Diego C.A

Lives in: Driscoll N.D

Hobbies:  Real estate, Automobiles, and internet data mining.

Family:  Helping to raise 3 smart and talented little girls. 

Favorite food: Lobster.

Work experience

 7 0 1 H a n d y     2009 to Present.  real estate development co.
Responsible for the daily operations of a successful home remodeling and repair business with operations in: Bismarck, Mandan, Dickinson, and Linton.
​Personally created the brand, built the website, PR, advertising, customer relations, and organically maneuvered through social media to be on the first page of most major search engines. Employ up to 20 individuals at times.    Was CEO for one year, sold business website, and rights. Currently the operations manager.

 www.R e s t o re      2004 to 2013.  Bakken area cleaning company.
Responsible for the daily operations of a successful residential and commercial cleaning business operating in Parshall N.D
Personally created the brand, built the website, PR, advertising, accounts management and customer relations. Employed up to 7 individuals at times.  Was CEO for 2 year, sold business, and recently purchased the rights back for the name and website.

Adidas America (ARO)  1996 to 2002.  Store Manager San Diego CA.
 3 key holders and 22 associates, for a high volume retail chain. 
Opened new store in San Diego C.A.   Opening day sales $29,445.00. 

Formal Education:

-Graduated 4 years of HS from Arizona in 1997. Was top 1/3 of my class.
- Attended College in Arizona for 2 years.
-VICCA diploma
-Focused on Automotive technology, and maintenance. 
- Worked with my father who was a commercial contractor in C.A for several years (1985)