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Web developing, Domain generating & Business coaching

Web developing & coaching

 Offering web developing, mobile web building and small business coaching/mentoring.  With over 10 years of "big box store" retail management experience, and 11 years web building.  We are able to identify, and target problem areas for start ups, or small business engaging in a retail or wholesale trade.

If you are looking to start up a new retail venture, or just want to maximize your existing business, email or contact us. Our visit is no charge; we can meet and discuss your options for a smoother running small business.

Our references are available upon request. We will be more than happy to send them to anyone who asks. We are in North Dakota, but we have developed websites in other states and countries.  Coaching and mentoring services are available only with a 2 week advance notice, and must include your business outline at the time of scheduling. Please visit our about us page for web / mobile web, and for a price list of our services. Thank you.  Lizandro J. Portillo.